Navigating the Times .Extraordinary Achievements


  Dr. Ko-Chen Fang, the founder and chairman of LongServing Technology, who is erudite and has profound thought, firmly believes that scientific innovation is the key to benefit human being. Man-made synthetic jadeite manufactured by him is like the natural minerals, photonic chips create an AI life which human desire, and his unique plant extract biotechnology improves the immune system of the human body. He has unlimited inspiration and researches, possesses many talents and is an inventor, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a scientist. He owns many important patents of key technologies, which have been promoted to new dimensions again and again, with far-reaching influence. His achievements can be compared to modern-day Leonardo Da Vinci.





  • 2002  Dr. Fang published anti-virus for computers and anti-hacking technologies, which have successively affected the R&D orientation of international big tech companies.
  • 2003 Dr. Fang was invited to participate in anti-terrorism technology of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • 2009 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart -Silver Medal & Bronze Medal
  • 2010 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva - Gold Medal & Bronze Medal
  • 2010 International Warsaw Invention Show -Silver Medal.
  • 2010 Korea Invention Promotion Association-Special Prize, which is the highest technology achievement award of Kipa.
  • 2015 Honorary Doctorate from International American University (IAU).
  • 2015 International Outstanding Invention Awards, including: Lifetime Achievement Award, Doctor of Erudite Award, and Guoguang Medal.
  • 2017 Being included in the book ”A Great Country Rising” as one of the most influential people in  Greater China.
  • 2022 Won the 17th Golden Torch Awards for the top ten innovative design of the year !
  • 2023 Crystal Trophy of the 22nd Golden Peak Awards of (Outstanding Enterprise Initiators Of The Year) & (Outstanding R&D Works Of The Year).
  • 2023 The 22th "Taiwan Product Quality Guarantee Golden Award".


Areas of expertise



  • Making a picoscopic scale/ nanoscopic scale circuit pattern
  • Inventor of multi-bit optical computing chip
  • Smartphone cloud computing
  • Inventor of APP lock
  • Original designer of firewall architecture of the US Department of Homeland Security
  • Inventor of gem level man-made synthetic jadeite
  • Designer of AI robots
  • Over 40 Patents in the world
  • Won various international invention awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals, special achievement awards, etc.)


About LongServing



   LongServing, established by the founder Dr. Ko-Chen Fang in Taipei in 2010, is a company enthusiastic about the development of innovative technology. LongServing is committed to the R&D of technology leading the world. To improve the quality of human life, acquire technological advantages, patent license and authorized cooperative production are all our business operating model. We will devote to the semiconductor industry, photonic quantum computers, AI robots, biotechnology pharmaceuticals, synthetic gems, air pollution improvement, etc. Each field has its own leading planner who combines the relevant professional practical experience, the industrial connections, and mastery and application of technical details, and clearly designed your target customer and target market. We take Taiwan as the foothold, expand to the international market, develop towards sustainable development and create unlimited business opportunities.


    Since the past, we have obtained a number of patents from the domestic and foreign, including cloud, firewall, app lock, etc. to change the human computer application model from physical to virtual. Now we also successively take the lead of the innovative technologies from many countries around the world, including advanced technologies such as patents of photonic quantum multi-bit computing chips, picoscopic scale electronic chip process, and so on. Recently, we have successfully developed the unique technique of mass-produced gem-grade man-made synthetic jadeite in the world. In terms of biotechnology, we also devote ourselves to the research and development of anti-cancer and anti-virus technologies. The latest sample test showed the results of  nearly  killing 100% liver and lung cancer cells. Please pay attention to our website for successive R&D achievements and progress. Companies which are interested in our R&D and co-production could leave message for further contact.


Founder’s Inventions

   Unique in the world &  

surpass advanced world levels

Synthetic Technology of Gem-grade Jadeite

At present, the man-made synthetic jadeite developed by various countries cannot break through due to the technical bottlenecks. It is difficult to provide the high-level jadeite required by the market. The founder, Dr. Fang, has a unique gem-grade jadeite synthesis technology in the world that makes gem-grade man-made synthetic jadeite produced through the mass production since human history.






Picoscopic Scale Electronic Chip


The founder, Dr. Ko-Chen Fang, breaks through the existed nano-fabrication process of semiconductor wafers and invents a novel process of nanometer/picometer-level chip. The greatness of this invention is that it does not require either a lithography or an etching machine but the nanometer/picometer-level chips can be achieved through Dr. Fang’s manufacturing method. It is simple and cost-effective, conducive to mass production, and has more commercial implementation potential, which will break a new ground for the semiconductor industry.


Photonic Quantum Multi-bit Computing

It has passed the patent examination of Taiwan, the United States, Japan, South Korea and India. The greatness about this patent is that the founder, Dr. Ko-Cheng Fang, improved the existed chip manufacturing technology and makes the computer computing evolve from two-bit to multi-bit computing era. It will change the future technology and improve the speed of computer computing, and the computer, electronics, aerospace industry, and national defense industry will be all influenced. This will make human technology enter a

revolutionary progress.

AI Robot


Once the AI robot is operated  by a multi-bit optical computing chip, the robot will be as realistic as humans and have a perception of space and distance, and the world it sees is three-dimensional and colorful as human beings. This kind of AI robot can be widely used in medical operation, nursing, driving, military defense, etc., and its commercial value is quite high.




Bio Technology - Natural Plant Extracts

The founder, Dr. Ko-Chen Fang, integrates the traditional Chinese Medicine, the Western medicine, the Tibetan medicine and the application of science and has successfully uses many natural plant extracts from various natural plants that can help human health. They are passed the test to help human beings to stay away from diseases and improve the quality of human life.




Air Pollution and Carbon Reduction Technology

There has been an upsurge of carbon neutrality in the world, which also represents the official arrival of the era of carbon reduction. At present, carbon credit trading and green power development are the only options, and there seems to be no other solution. In order to truly solve the problem of carbon neutrality, the founder, Dr. Ko-Chen Fang, proposed to use the most advanced comprehensive chemical technology to completely change the problem of carbon emissions.

Firewall and Cloud Technique Patents

The founder, Dr. Ko-Chen Fang, used the chip developed by himself to place it in the key position of the motherboard, and completely achieved 100% anti-virus mechanism. The performance of modern computers is greatly reduced because they have to scan and filter computer viruses, worms, backdoor viruses and other malicious software. So far, no single platform can solve these problems at the same time, and this patent has also been adopted by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Firewall and APP Lock Patents

“Computer Data Protecting Method” is one of the certified patents owned by the founder, Dr. Ko-Chen Fang. When a program is opened, even hackers want to secretly open certain files remotely, he will be asked to enter a password again, which is evolved into the APP Lock for today’s smartphones.