Picoscopic Scale Electronic Chip

Get rid of the constraints of lithography machines and make an IC chip with a picoscopic scale / nanoscopic scale circuit pattern


The savior of Moore's Law: advanced chip manufacturing technology comes to assist

The founder, Dr. Ko-Chen Fang, breaks through the current manufacturing process of semiconductor IC chips, and makes the line spacing in the circuit pattern of IC chips range from several nanometers to 1 nanometer, and even as small as 0.1 nm, which is a picoscopic scale manufacturing process of IC chips. The size of 0.1 nm line spacing is about the diameter of an atom, which is equivalent to depict the electronic circuit on an atom. This is undoubtedly a huge innovation!

Free from the constraints of the lithography machine , the innovative manufacturing process has never been seen before!

We use electron beams and X rays to irradiate. Although it is also a lithography technology, we do not use photoresist, so there is no problem of resin-based materials with huge molecules which cannot be fine depicted. We use electron beams and X rays to reduce the photosensitive particles in the photosensitive layer to form an atomic arrangement phenomenon, so that the picoscopic scale electronic circuit pattern can be easily achieved.


In addition, this manufacturing technology of the electronic circuit pattern can also be applied to transistors to make IC patterns with finer lines. Besides, the picoscopic scale/nanoscopic scale IC chips can be realized without using expensive photolithography machines and etching machines in the process, which can greatly reduce the production cost, is beneficial for mass production and has a high potential for commercial implementation.

LongServing Technology won the 2023 Golden Peak Awards of

“Outstanding Enterprise Initiators Of The Year”  & 

“Outstanding R&D Works Of The Year”

After winning the Golden Torch Award, Ko-Cheng Fang, the chairman of LongServing Technology, recently won “2023 Golden Peak Award Of Outstanding R&D Works Of The Year”, and the " Picoscopic Scale Electronic Chip" and “Synthetic icy jadeite” developed by him won “2023 Golden Peak Award Of Outstanding R&D Works Of The Year”. Besides, Chairman Fang's excellent business philosophy is also highly recommended as an "Honorary Steering Commissioner ".


The “Golden Peak Award” is a selection activity hold by the Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association (OEMA) R.O.C., which aims to promote and encourage innovation and reform of enterprises to maintain high competitiveness. OEMA invited a number of business and academic professionals to form a jury. The award-winning enterprises will be widely reported through the media, so that the public can know the outstanding enterprises. OEMA also hopes that this honor will inspire domestic industries, gather corporate leaders' high degree of cohesion to jointly develop the economy, and establish a foothold in Taiwan to grasp the pulse of the world economy.


Chairman Fang, breaks through the current manufacturing process of semiconductor chips, and invents a "picoscopic scale chip" manufacturing process that does not require the use of lithography and etching machines. This technology is not only applicable to advanced process below 7nm, but also to mature process above 7nm. As this technology uses a chemical process, it can be applicable to manufacture chips ranging from 28 nm to 1 nm, and even less than 1 nm or picoscopic scale. Moreover, the need for lithography and etching machines can be eliminated entirely, and even the photoresist can be discarded, the complex process is transformed into a simplified one. This not only reduces manufacturing costs significantly but also enhances efficiency and yield of chips.


Our “Synthetic icy jadeite” is the only gemstone grade synthetic jadeite in the world that can be mass-produced. Chairman Fang has successfully developed the synthesis technology to reach the high-end natural icy jadeite, and solved the dilemma that natural jadeite ore is on the verge of extinction.


Chairman Fang is concerned about human welfare, and constantly contributes his wisdom to solve human development problems through technology innovation. These two technologies developed by him will provide great contributions to mankind and are powerful weapons to cope with many global challenges.


A competitive advantage and cooperation of making a picoscopic scale/nanoscopic scale circuit pattern of IC chips

The founder of LongServing Technology Company, Dr. Ko-Cheng Fang, breaks through the current manufacturing process of semiconductor IC chips, and invents a novel method of making a nanoscopic scale / picoscopic scale chip.The greatness of this invention is that it does not require either a lithography or an etching machine but makes the line spacing in the circuit pattern of IC chips .......


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Cooperation Plan

As countries all over the world urgently need chips to enhance national competitiveness, for example, there is a general short of automotive chips recently, and automotive chips determine the pros and cons of future automated cars. We believe that our picoscopic scale chips will attract you to cooperate with us. The manufacturers who are interested in our technology are welcomed to invest in our R&D funds and future orders, such as the lithography machine manufacturer ASML received funding from TSMC and Samsung at that time, and helped ASML to be a leading manufacturer of chip manufacturing. We believe in comprising a world-class R&D team and under the leadership of Dr. Fang, IC chips with a picoscopic scale / nanoscopic scale circuit pattern can be made. We look forward to our sincerity in exchange for a reasonable and fair contract. Any manufacturers who are interested are welcomed to contact us as soon as possible!

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